Hair Treatments

Keep your hair looking sleek and healthy with hair treatments from our salon in Tustin, California. At Golden Shear Salon, we offer you a number of styling treatments that help relax your hair and eliminate frizz for a glossy mane.

Japanese & Brazilian Permanent Straightening

When you no longer want to manage your unruly curls, try one of our Japanese and Brazilian straightening treatments. Our stylists apply specialized chemicals to your hair, then slowly flat iron very small sections over the course of about 3 hours, depending on the length of the hair. The result is frizz-free and gorgeous hair. It is the face lift for hair. We ask you to return every 9 months for Japanese Permanent Straightening and about every 2 to 3 months for the Brazilian Gloss. There is no formaldehyde in the products that we use.

Keratin Treatments

Repair the natural strength and beauty of your hair with keratin conditioning treatments at our salon. This treatment moisturizes and reduces the damage inflicted on your hair in less than half an hour.